I treasure every story we’ve made with my friends during runs.

My name is Nelson, I’m from Asuncion, Paraguay, but at the moment, I work as the Financial Director for an international company in Madrid, Spain.

I have always been into sports, mainly soccer and tennis; occasionally running but mainly as a complement to the other activities to improve my conditioning.

I ran my first marathon as a one time challenge. It all started when I join a group of people that were preparing for their first marathon and I was challenged to do so as well. I planned to do only one, but as the minute I crossed that first finish line I knew I was hooked for life.

The biggest challenge in preparing for running the marathon was the the distance progression in the beginning,  going from only running at most a 10K to move into a 20, 30K was a big step towards my goal; Also track training has always been something that was very tough and hard for me to adapt. Not a single training has been an easy one in the path.

Up until today, I ran a total of 13 Marathons. My biggest achievement without any doubt was doing 3 marathons in 90 days calendar, just happen to be that way and I ended up finishing all of them.

Along this journey you have the opportunity to savor the triumphs as well as learn from the failures. Out of all the marathons that I have started, the only one that I did not finish was my second one. Thought I was rested enough between marathons but in the 26km I had a tendon pull and couldn’t finish.

As you can all imaging, during training and during Marathons there are a lot of anecdotes going on, that’s probably one of the things I enjoy the most. One I can’t forget is when I was running with a friend in the Paris marathon and along the 30km they were offering sticks with Vaseline… my friend thought it was peanut butter, so naturally he ate it. He had a small lick of the stick, but his mouth got completely cover with Vaseline which he couldn’t get rid of for the rest of the race. It wasn’t until the end that he had to drink 2 bottles of water and power drinks to recover the taste. 

I treasure every story we’ve made with my friends during runs. It’s for this reason I would always choose to run with people, regardless of the pace, company always makes it more enjoyable.

Asuncion, Paraguay
13 Times Marathon Finisher

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