Two sisters, mothers, entrepreneurs, inspired by YOU. Yes, You, THE MARATHONIST, and the everyday runner, and all of YOUR Running stories, You are extraordinary people who, despite long working hours and family duties, always take some time aside to train hard and fulfill the challenge of completing a Marathon.


Being a Marathonist is something that worth talking about it. Being a Marathonist is more than running 26.2 miles (42km). It is a lifestyle! It is holding up to core values; it is resilient, bold, and endure whatever it comes. Completing a Marathon is something to be proud of and shared with the world every day.

A Thersipo wearable piece is a "daily reminder" of the incredible things achieved in life. There are no limits, and there are still many finish lines to cross.


The modern Marathon name comes from the mythic 42.195 meter run of Pheidippides from Marathon to Athens on August 12th, 490 B.C. After enduring all sorts of obstacles, rugged terrain, and the weather against him, he arrived at Marathon to achieve the entrusted task given to him.

Delivering a message of hope to the people of Athens after announcing the victory over the Persian army. Upon his arrival, he could only say, "We won," and died out of exhaustion.

Was it really Philipides the emissary? There are enough references to maintain the possibility that another named Thersipo was the one completing the task, now lost in the mists of history.

Our intention is not to challenge history; we simply want to recognize that today, there are many anonymous heroes in the world and in history, people who, through their actions, preparation, effort, and perseverance, change this world or their own world forever. 


You are our inspiration, the real athlete! The kind of person that reminds us that sports are not only for professional athletes or the Olympic medalist. But for those bold non-professional athletes who achieve the unthinkable through their daily effort and have beaten their own physical and mental limitations.

You already the medals on your wall that remind you of everything you can achieve in life. Let us bring those finish lines unique moments into your wrist so that you remember every day that you have no limits and that there are people like us who are inspired by you.